a healthy weight loss plan-It Doesn’t Include Counting Calories

By | April 21, 2018
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a healthy weight loss plan-It Doesn’t Include Counting Calories

a healthy weight loss plan

Everywhere you look today there’s another new fad diet, and it’s guaranteed to help you lose twenty pounds in just two weeks! Have you heard this or something very similar?

Most of us have, but in reality, most of us are still searching for a healthy weight loss plan. A plan that isn’t hard to do, one where we are not cooking separate meals, one for us and one for the rest of the family, oh and don’t forget, one with yummy food that we like eating.

Did I say one with no calorie counting? Sounds like too high a bar doesn’t it? But don’t despair, there is one out there and I have found it!

healthy food

Have you heard it said, “Let food be your cure”? Well, in essence, that is what this plan is. I hate to call it even a “diet” It is like just going back to whole raw (whenever possible) foods.

I found out about the natural food guru, Yuri Elkaim, and his products turned my life around, really. Purchasing his “Total Wellness Cleanse”, I went into it with a promise to myself that I was going to really try this time!

I was determined to go through the whole two-week “Cleanse¬†phase” followed by the two-week “Maintenance phase”. Severe sugar cravings had taken over my life, and I had started hiding sweets from my husband (who I had told “I will never get fat).

Sugar Cravings

The results were astounding! Now you must remember, I am sixty years old, have Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue, Environmental Syndrome, and suffered a failed spinal/brain surgery in which the Doctors were supposed to remove a bone fragment from my spinal cord (from a broken neck) and fuse the C-1, C-2 vertebrae.

Along with the fusion failing, because they did not place the stabilizing “Halo” after surgery, they managed to completely sever my vertebral artery to my brain, leaving me with diminished blood flow to the back brain and a failed fusion screw loosening up right next to the other vertebral artery.

My failed surgery

To put it simply, I have never felt good since then (2005) and had severe headaches, allergies, and reactions to various chemicals, and lived a sedentary lifestyle. After sixteen years of this, I had packed on about thirty pounds of unwanted fat, mostly around my middle section.

I am sure I had a lot of organ fat too. I tried to walk every day but failed at it miserably. I was always in pain, my back goes out on a regular schedule, and I was on two anti-depressants medications, from the pain.

I had lost my previous life, career in Dental Hygiene/nutrition, and had lost the ability to live life normally. Then, as icing on the cake of “poor me”, I pack on thirty pounds! No wonder I was depressed.


I have tried many types of things to lose weight, but without exercise, most of them were fruitless. Before the accident in which I had broken my neck, my hobby was weightlifting and being a personal trainer in my spare time!

So it was a really hard thing for me to deal with, seeing my once healthy, muscular, thin body become sick, fat, and depressed. Of course, chronic pain is a whole other hornet’s nest.

You never feel like doing anything physical, and if you try you pay for at least three days for trying.

healthy muscular woman

Anyway, enough about me. Let us get back to my discovery of Yuri Elkaims way of losing weight! I am so excited! I feel so good! There, got that out of my system! I was very surprised that I started feeling less sickly after the first two weeks.

After two more weeks, I had given up my afternoon nap! Believe me, it is sad when you realize you are looking forward to your nap every day. Since then, things have just kept on getting better.

I am in the final week of the eight-week program and I am staying on it because this is a lifestyle change that has changed me as a person in many good ways. This is a healthy weight loss plan that I feel proud to recommend to you.

Please click on any of the highlighted words in this article if you want to find out more about Yuri’s weight loss plan. (disclaimer, they are affiliate links)

06/05/2018 Update: I finished the entire diet, my results were much more than I expected, as in addition to losing a solid twenty-two pounds, my energy levels have gone through the roof!

I wake up ready and willing to get out of bed and get right into something! Believe me, it has been fifteen years since I felt this good! But you must remember, I followed Yuri’s plan to the letter to get these results.

If you are sick, have an autoimmune disease, a life changing injury, or just have very stubborn weight to get rid of, get this diet, and the up sells, which are valuable additions to the diet, follow the directions, read all of the information, and change your life!

For once this is a life changing diet that really works and dishes out the results you want! I got mine, now its your turn to get yours!

Total Wellness Cleanse


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4 thoughts on “a healthy weight loss plan-It Doesn’t Include Counting Calories

  1. Allie

    wow thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like you had been having a really tough time. Anti depressants have so many nasty side effects too!

    So glad you found Yuri Elkaims’ plan! It sounds like it is working very well.

    Does it involve exercise as well as diet changes? How is your pain now?

    1. admin

      Yes, to your question about exercise, he incorporates walking into the plan. That’s one of the nice things about the Total Wellness Cleanse, it takes into consideration you not feeling very well at first, and he gradually builds the exercise up a little at a time, so you can get used to it. Hes got it all laid out in a daily plan, including recipes for each meal, snacks, when to eat, everything.

      Both my husband, Mark and I are feeling much better-just goes to show that real, organic, whole food really can cure a lot of illnesses including autoimmune disease. My energy levels are higher, my stamina is much better, I used to count the hours until I could go take a nap! My pain level, unfortunately has not changed too much-its a thing I will live with for the rest of my life it looks like. The Doctor wanted to implant a pain modulator into my spine, but I said “no thanks, I am done with surgery”.

      Thanks for your kind words, and I am glad you enjoyed my post. There will be more coming regularly now I hope, now that I am getting better and can stay at the PC longer. Thanks again, Angi

      P.S. I have lost twenty pounds so far and my husband has lost twenty-two pounds in eight weeks.

  2. Tomas


    An interesting article about a healthy weight loss. I think it can be helpful and inspire a lot of people to change their lives and solve their key problems in health.

    I value your unbiased opinion and view. I do like your never give up style and face problems now attitude. It does not seem you had a good time in some periods of your life, but you coped with those negative thoughts and cases.

    I think to help people and share information is one of the best things we can do nowadays.

    Thanks for a valuable post and good luck!


    1. admin

      Thank you for your kind words and super inspiration Tomas! Its great to hear that I am indeed helping others, as that is the “why” of this whole website project. I have had a lot of education in nutrition and exercise, was a personal trainer just for fun while working as a dental hygienist/nutritionist.

      Now that I am retired, I needed a way to still help people, I think I have found it! Thanks again, Angi


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