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Events That Made Me Who I Am Today

My story starts when I was about thirty eight, that is the important starting point as pertains to this website anyway. My introduction to weight lifting and bodybuilding began then. And because I ran upstairs one day at work and “lo and behold”, when I stopped at the top of the flight of stairs, parts of my body did not. I had jiggly areas! No lie, my rear end had some movement all of its own. Now you might laugh, but that was some scary stuff for me! I had been thin all my life and never worried about my eating or weight. But obviously something was going very wrong here…….

Well I signed up that same day at a nationally known gym and started cardio and weight lifting. Skip to the year 2005. I had a pretty favorable physic by this time, plenty of muscle, low body fat, the whole story. BUT, yes capital letters, I broke my neck at work! That changed everything. Emergency surgery, bone fragments lodged in my spinal cord, two specialty surgeons, and then more bad luck……

The surgeons did a whoopsie, severed one of my main vertebral arteries, causing me to start bleeding out, bad, (this was a “bloodless” surgery due to my faith). They whisked me off the operating table (bad P.R. to have a patient die on the operating table, sounds much better if they die in recovery since that sounds more like it’s the patients fault). They neglected to place the stabilizing head “halo” to make sure the neck fused, and were not so careful to keep the incisions clean and tidy in their rush either. So on top of the huge blood loss, I contacted spinal meningitis within three days with a fever of 105 plus.

Well, skipping more of the grisly details, my recovery took a whole year during which I also acquired Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and severe Colitis.  These are autoimmune diseases and anyone who has them knows that your life goes downhill fast. I lost thirty pounds of muscle, my career as a dental hygienist, my health, and just about my sanity.

Why You Should Listen To Me

Before all the above happened, I had gone to college and majored in dental hygiene, but minored in nutrition. As a dental hygienist I taught people nutrition as part of my job. Later, I became foster Mother to over two hundred foster kids, most of them with problems such as ADHD, autism, PTSD, behavioral problems, and other disabilities and problems. All of my foster kids had one thing in common. They all got better, both nutritionally and behaviorally by changing their diet and removing sugar or at least extremely limiting it anyway. This was how I discovered how life changing diet could be.

I also married my husband after all the above drama, and he came down with Grave’s Disease right after we decided to get married (the stress? He was a fifty year old bachelor…) So now I had someone I loved with an autoimmune disease as well. That made me way more aware of my own diet, and I wanted him to get well too, so I did all I could with his diet and mine as well. In doing all my research and consulting with his doctors, including alternative medicine practitioners, I learned even more about proper foods for autoimmune disease and weight loss.

I had gained about forty pounds by this time. Maybe that doesn’t sound like much to you, but keep in mind I started at one fifty, but had a lot of muscle on me as well. After surgery I lost weight, but quickly gained all that muscle weight back in fat, and it weighs less than muscle. So forty pounds was quite a lot of  fat for my body. My husband started gaining weight quickly since he was very ill and could not do most things he used to, to burn calories.

I Want To Help You

Let’s talk about you now. There is tons of disinformation out there. We have been taught for decades what “the right” way to eat is. Remember the food pyramid? It’s wrong. Along with these things there is important information just plain left out, and that works against you! You know how you gain all the weight back? That is because important information you needed to know to succeed in your diet is left out. Many things you need to know, like how vitamins and minerals work, what not to eat, natural remedies, how to fix things that are wrong with your body that are preventing you from losing weight, and how to get healthy so your body will lose the weight permanently are all missing from what “they” tell you. This world is run on greed from big pharma and big food. If they can’t market it and make money, they don’t tell you about it.

We all need to eat only clean, natural, whole food and get away from what the food companies are pushing. We also should get all chemicals out of our homes and off our bodies. Chemical free household and personal products should be on your “to do” list. I personally have not used anything with chemicals in it for over ten years and you should think about doing that too. Just remember, Cancer was almost unheard of a hundred years ago (and so were chemical foods and products!). The more the big corporations control our food, the sicker we, as a nation get. And the fatter we get. So please, let me help you!

I hope you find things of value here that will help you and your loved ones. That is my goal.

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