Hormones and Weight Loss-Your Weight Reduction Stop Light?

By | April 18, 2018
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Hormones and Weight Loss

Unfortunately for some of us (women) our weight loss is road blocked by hormone imbalance. If any of these key hormones that we will be discussing is out of balance, you will probably find it almost impossible to lose those stubborn pounds. Hormones and weight loss have a very definite correlation with each other. Diets of the restriction of calories kind, are not going to do you any good. Restriction type diets are the kind that restrict foods or your caloric intake. These types of diets not only leave you hungry all the time, but also rob your body of much-needed nutrients for optima health, they are usually boring as well. We need to learn that a “diet” that deprives us of good, organic, nourishing food, healthy foodmay help us to lose in some cases. Temporarily, but is not a healthy way to eat. This causes weight rebound, and even nutritional deficiencies. And, it is no way to live! If it is not sustainable, it won’t work.

If you spend any time on this website, you will find out the best alternative to starvation type diets. A whole food, organic, cleansing type diet is the best hope for losing stubborn weight. Along with your hormones getting in the way of weight loss, you also have a lot of toxic buildup in your system. If you eat the common “western diet” you will also need to do a major body cleanse, using your healthy, whole foods diet first, and then specifically targeting the organs you need to cleanse more to get them working normally again. Usually the liver needs some extra help, as well as the stomach lining and colon. More on Leaky Gut Syndrome here.

The Three Key Hormones

Cortisol: This is a steroid-type hormone made in the adreanal cortex of the adreanals. Other common names for this hormone is “the stress hormone”, and “fight or flight ” hormone. There is good reason cortisol affects us so much, as most of the cells in our body have cortisol receptors, allowing it to affect many areas of our body. If you live a stressful life, this is the hormone you need to get under control in order to lose weight. Some recent studies show that having high levels of cortisol in your body can even “force you” to gain weight. So if you cannot find any reason for how hard it is for you to lose weight, your lifestyle may be the answer (or your job, kids, husband, driving the interstate, etc.). High cortisol can also affect your sleep patterns, your fertility, and cause other hormone imbalances. Cortisol effects weight loss

Adiponectin: This hormone is responsible for commanding your body to burn fat for fuel. Adiponectin is a collegen-like protein synthesized in white adipose tissue (fat) cells. Under normal conditions, it should be circulating in fairly high concentrations in the blood serum. Decreased levels of this hormone have been found in obese persons, and has been implicated in the development of insulin resistance. It has also been shown to be an important marker in metabolic syndrome.

Leptin: You know how you feel “full” after a meal? Leptin is the hormone responsible for that feeling. It signals your brain when you have had enough to eat. Meal timing and your sleep cycle can greatly affect your leptin levels. One nickname for this hormone is “the starvation hormone”, but it is also called the thin hormone. It’s name is from the Latin word “leptos” which means thin. Leptin is also produced in the fat cells and the signal is picked up in the hypothalamus portion of the brain. It is also to a lesser degree produced in the placenta, ovaries, skeletal muscle, breast tissue skin cells, gastric cells, and bone marrow. Leptin tells your brain to stop storing fat.

Problems begin when the signals to the brain are not getting through for some reason. This is called leptin resistance. If you have a never ending battle with feeling hungry all the time, then leptin resistance is the problem. Ironically, being obese or overweight is a cause of leptin resistance! So when you need your leptin the most, you develop a resistance to it, no wonder we have such problems losing weight. worried about weight loss

The way we live today, our fast, modern lifestyles, most of our time spent indoors under artificial light is the major cause of leptin resistance. The ways to cure your leptin problems tend to be difficult to accomplish for most people. It includes eating a high protein breakfast (think smoothie), but you’ll need to eat it at sunrise to get the right affect!. That’s the difficult part, right? I did warn you. You want to get the light of the sunrise into your eyes as well. Eat three meals a day, no snacking in between. You must give your digestive systems a rest, so natural detoxification can occur. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your meals, and get the ones you do eat from green leafy vegetables, not from potatoes and pasta! The last thing you can do to reset your leptin back to it is normal function is to stop all eating three to four hours before sleeping.

More on what you can do to regulate these key hormones in another article that I have in the works…….. Stay tuned and please comment below and tell me your concerns about weight loss or whatever! I would love to hear your opinions and get to know who reads my articles.

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8 thoughts on “Hormones and Weight Loss-Your Weight Reduction Stop Light?

  1. ches

    Thanks for an informative post and a sensible approach to weightloss. Many dieters seem to think the only way is to starve yourself and of course this will only make matters worse in the long run.

    Weight loss companies make a fortune on products for dieters but I don’t know of a weight loss program that can be sustainable and of course, if you did lose and keep the weight off, they would be out of business! The only way is to change your way of life and that’s a real challenge.

    Although I was brought up to always eat a hearty breakfast, I have started on a fasting diet of eating at certain hours of the day. Hubbie and I only eat between the hours of roughly 12.00 hrs-14.00 hrs and 20.00 hrs. I thought it would be hard but it is surprisingly easy to do. I do seem to have lost a little weight, despite not being overweight to start with. This is one ‘diet’ I think I could stick to.

    We don’t go without when we do eat and don’t stress over the occasions we have to eat out or go out to a wedding etc.. It would definitely be of benefit for diabetics as fasting means no insulin spikes!

    1. admin

      You sound well informed, Chez, and the diet you describe reminds me of a study that was done. It showed that the most weight lost was in the group that put off breakfast until they were actually hungry, which of course varied between individuals. But little by little, they moved breakfast back and moved dinner earlier, until all eating was done in an eight to ten hour time frame. Thus intermittent fasting was born.

      By not eating after dinner, we create a mini-fast for our bodies. This gives the body time to rest and run detoxing programs that can’t be done when the body is busy all the time digesting. Makes sense, right? They have discovered so much in just the last few years, it’s amazing.

      Thanks for your comment, and I wish you well with your weight loss journey!


  2. SJ

    oh gosh, so sometimes you can do everything right and still not lose weight.
    I think this must be case for many women I see around me who are working their hardest at the gym, eating like rabbits and not seeing much results!

    So what is the solution to shifting that weight? is eating a high protein breakfast at sunrise the only solution? are there any supplements that can help?

    1. admin

      Dear SJ;

      In answer to your question, please refer to my article about the Total Wellness Cleanse. In my opinion, this is the only way around stubborn hormonal weight gain and also some other conditions (like fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases) that make it next to impossible to lose that stubborn weight. You can find that article here, https://ahealthyweightloss.com… please feel free to read it and come on back and let me know what you thought about it.

      I have used this method personally, and my results were a net loss of almost thirty pounds in about two and a half months. That’s with no calorie counting, and just intermittent fasting added to speed the loss. I never recommend anything to anyone unless I have personal experience with it. I loved the recipes that came with the program and also I was very educated when done reading all the information they give you. Let me know.  Thanks, Angi

  3. Norman

    I am into promoting health also because without it life will not be that enjoyable and what I also learn is that you can’t put a price tag on good health. Having good health is one of our greatest assets. What you are sharing here is pretty amazing and the breakdown is so powerful. Your readers will love what you are sharing. Very informative post.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the kind words Norman! I completely agree with what you said about health being one of our greatest assets, unfortunately most people don’t discover that until they are already sick and overweight. I aim to inform people about their health and the whys of weight loss trouble. So many times it is related to an over worked liver or pancreas, robbing us of our energy and zest for life.

      I want to bring to people the things you can do to minimize and sometimes even cure these types of problems. Be sure to stay tuned for my next posts related to this subject. Glad you visited my site, best health to you!


  4. H. Erin Nelson

    Hi and wonderful, intriguing website! I was so drawn in and learned a wealth of information on the different directions of weight loss! I have been trying to drop about 20 or more pounds for my daughter’s wedding this summer. I always get “winter weight” and then end up loosing it each spring. (Yo-Yo-ing).

    I was very interested to find out about the different hormones and how they worked, especially the Leptin. I have cut out starches and increased my greens. I also take Lecithin to keep regular. I gained a few extra pounds due to a recent injury–breaking my Humerus Bone in two with several fractures around my shoulder. So, your articles have helped me get my mindset back! Thank you!

    1. admin

      Dear Erin;

      You made my day saying that my article helped you! That’s why I started this website-to help people like myself who had trouble losing weight. Congratulations on your daughters upcoming wedding too. I wasn’t too happy when mine got married, but then no one is perfect for “Mommy’s little girl” (I had problems letting go). 

      I will be writing an article on natural weight loss supplements here very soon, so please come back and visit so you can tell me what you thought of that one too. Have fun at the wedding and God bless!



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