Leaky Gut Syndrome Treatment

By | April 12, 2018
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Do you have Leaky Gut?

Many people believe that leaky gut syndrome is behind autoimmune disease, and food allergies. Leaky gut syndrome treatment is a very important step in curing your allergies or your autoimmune disease, and it needs to be treated right away because your symptoms will only get worse with time. People often ignore what their body is telling them, and ignoring leaky gut syndrome is very dangerous.

Leaky Gut as an Obstacle to Weight Loss

Leaky gut is a major obstacle to losing weight too. Losing that last twenty pounds (or more) will be next to impossible if you don’t address the health problems you are facing first! Yo-Yo dieting only exacerbates the problems that your facing right now. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how and why you have leaky gut syndrome.

The simplest description of what leaky gut is, has to do with your stomach, blood stream, and intestinal track. The intestinal tract is slightly permeable for a reason. We get our nutrition thru the linings of stomach and intestines.

Certain substances were meant to be kept out, toxins, larger particles of food, etc. If our stomach and intestinal linings have been damaged to the point they have larger, weaker holes, some particles get through that shouldn’t have, and we get an immune response. Our own body sees these larger dangerous particles as a foreign invader and the immune system does its job by building up anti-bodies to the substance that should have never gotten through the lining.

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The immune system is made to attack the protein in theses foreign particles and mounts a full-blown attack (immune response) against them. Since the anti-bodies against this particular food have been developed, every time you eat that food, you get a reaction. You have become hypersensitive to it. The more types of proteins your body gets sensitized to, the more you get the immune response. Now you feel miserable, and your susceptible to complete auto-immunity, or a autoimmune disease.

Your immune system is now hypersensitive to many foods, chemicals, perfumes, you name it, in our environment. Now you have a hyper driven immune system that becomes sensitive to every little thing in your environment-and it only gets worse. Autoimmune means that your body, in hyper drive, is now attacking your own cells and a true autoimmune disease is born.

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A high percentage of the U.S. Population have some form of autoimmunity. We are an overweight nation, which makes it worse. A study remarked on in U.S. Today said “Scientists believe multiple factors such as environmental toxins, heredity, viruses, and certain drugs may play a role in causing autoimmune disease. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, abuse of alcohol, and use of tobacco can also weaken the immune system and may play a role also.”

Many of these “causes” are cause for leaky gut too. If you don’t work on the underlying causes of leaky gut, you will be on the road to an autoimmune disease soon. Holding onto extra weight also makes it worse, because instead of flushing toxins out of the body, the blood stream simply “hides” it in one of your fat cells and tucks it away. Your best defense is to get healthier by eating the right way and the right foods.

This will heal your gut, make you feel more energy, and allow you to lose that extra weight. Your unhealthy system is using your fat as a toxin dumping ground and doesn’t want you to lose the fat, its hanging on to it because it thinks it needs it to protect you from all the toxins you are taking in from your eating habits and your environment.

The bacteria in your gut are probably way out of whack too. The bad ones are the majority now and they even allow fungi to colonize on the intestinal walls. If fungi are on the walls, then that’s just one more thing adding to your leaky gut syndrome, as fungi cause inflammation and irritation, making the permeable lining even more so.

Meat eaters beware, if you take in a lot of protein foods, (meat) it tends to sit a long time in the intestinal track, as we are not designed like the carnivores and don’t digest meat well or very fast. So more irritation and inflammation.How to Remedy Leaky Gut Syndrome   Image result for heavy metal toxicity + non-copyrighted

First and foremost, you need to cease using toxic chemicals on and in your body. Did you know that most anti-perspirants/deodorants contain
aluminum? It’s the same deal with several mold toxins, heavy metals like lead,nickel, cadmium, mercury, and aluminum, and with certain
pharmaceuticals and drugs. Thats a lot of heavy metals folks! Have you ever done a heavy metal detox?

No one is immune from the toxic load our environment puts on us. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, supporting the bodies natural
detox pathways is the surest way to go to lose the extra weight and feel a lot better with more energy.

Eating to support our natural pathways can lead to more energy, better sleep, clear skin, fewer sugar cravings, lower inflammation, better
digestion, and finally, weight loss. Leaky gut syndrome treatment

Stay tuned to this blog because more select remedies are coming. We need to figure out what type you are in order to treat your specific type of leaky gut, and to know which natural supplements to use in your case. For instance, if you have a lot of inflammation in your body, maybe from a stressful job or life? Milk thistle is a great anti-inflammatory, and also a live detox at the same time. Amazon sells a large bag that lasts a long time, even if you are using it everyday. I put two heaping tablespoons into my morning smoothie, so I go through it pretty fast. Milk Thistle is only one of many things you can do, things that are easily obtained, cost very little, and really make a difference. There are about eight things I put into my smoothie every morning, and I will be sharing all of them with you.

You Want Results, Right?

I have had amazing results with just changing what I eat, finding out about my body so I was targeting the things that were stopping me from losing the weight that I had battled with for over sixteen years, ever since a really bad accident that made me one hundred percent disabled.






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