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By | March 7, 2018
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Everyone is looking for a fix found in fast weight loss diets, right? Well let’s look at some diets commonly used that are picked because they are advertised as quick weight loss diets, and they are rumored to work! They have great advertising, testimonials, and you have heard about them all over the internet. Remember “all that is shiny, is not gold”. Nowadays you have to dig deep to find out if things are really what they say they are.

Fancy ad campaigns, good sales copy on the ads, and many testimonials DO NOT mean anything. Many of these diets are known not to work by the creators, but, hey, they sound good! Yeah, and a big luscious chocolate cake sounds good too, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to eat it!

So let’s get into the first “diet” shall we?

Quick Weight Loss Diet #1: NutriSystem        Image result for Nutri-System

Nutrisystem is found advertised everywhere, I think they have a huge advertising budget! But there are some major problems with the diet that most people are not aware of until after they have spent some cash for the “prepared food”. It seems on the surface to be a good idea, having meals shipped right to your door, but take some things into consideration before you get crazy about the idea of no cooking. What about your family?

Oh yeah, you forgot, you still have to feed them too, right? There goes the idea of no cooking right out the window. Then there is the cost of the meals, I don’t known about you, but I have a strict budget when it comes to buying groceries, and it doesn’t include being able to spend $275 to $400 (if you want any extras like snacks/shakes), only on myself.

They do have a feature to customize the meals to your own liking, but of course the price goes up accordingly. The problems with this diet is that it has been found to have several nutritional deficiencies, how long can you go without some needed nutrients? Personally I don’t want to go without any myself.

Another problem is the way the diet is supposed to work. Three things, the meals are “portion controlled”, “low fat” and “reduced calories”. Let’s take these three things one at a time and really think about them. Low fat is an idea that has been scientifically disproved to work in dieting, yes you heard right, low fat does not work. It was just a marketing ploy that got out of hand. We need dietary fat for essential body functions on a daily basis. Eating fat does not make you fat! Eating fat does not make your cholesterol higher either. Research it if you don’t believe me.

Portion controlled is another name for “I’m still hungry”. There is no way that a functioning human can live on those measly little half cup servings of dinner! They camouflage the pictures of the meals by not putting anything in with the food to let you make a size comparison. That’s why people see the picture and think, wow that looks good, I can eat that? Well of course you can eat that if it is only half a cup for dinner.

Now we come to “reduced calories”. There are a number of ways you can play this one, as a calorie is not always a calorie. By that I mean, for example, eating a celery stick uses up more calories in the chewing, swallowing, and digesting of it than there are in the whole celery stick-therefore you can end up with negative calories! It’s true. But seriously, fibrous foods count entirely differently to your body than empty calories as in alcohol or sugar. And, if you reduce calories enough, it will induce starvation mode, which is where your body holds onto fat because it thinks the food is becoming scarce. If your body doesn’t think it is getting enough calories to survive, it will hang on to every bit of body fat it can.

Quick Weight Loss Diet #2: MayoClinic Diet      Image result for Mayo Clinic Diet + non copyrighted

When I started my research on this diet, I got really turned off when I went to the website. The first page I came to was one that asked me for sixty-five dollars to “create an account”. I though, I don’t want to make an account, I just need research. I wonder how many potential customers they lose right there on that page? Anyway, I fiddled around a bit and got around it finally so I could get some information on the diet itself.

This is another “managed meal” diet plan, so be prepared to spend some money. The cost of this program was similar to the Nutrisystem one, with some add-ons making it more expensive. But they got rid of the low fat problem that nutrisystem has, because they do promote high protein and low carbohydrates (sugars). Wow, we are getting somewhere. But think again because high protein in your system can spike insulin just like high carbohydrate can. Which leads to insulin resistance and possibly diabetes. So, they got one part right. But do you want to pay money for a diet that is only half right? Me either.

They claim that because of the lower carbohydrates you will immediately start to burn body fat-not true. Just because they have a Doctor advertising this fact, doesn’t make it true. If Doctors knew about dieting and losing fat do you think we would be the most obese country in the world? The answer is they paid him a handsome retainer(money) to appear in that ad for them. Is he even a real Doctor? Questionable.

The truth is unless you get every smidgen (every tiny bit) of sugar and carbohydrates out of your diet on a daily basis, you are not going to go into fat burning mode(baring exercise). This switch over from burning sugar (glycogen) to burning fat is known as Ketosis, and it means that your body has run out of sugar or broken down carbohydrates to use as fuel. And it takes a few days of being without the sugar before it kicks into fat burning. And those days without sugar or carbohydrates usually make you feel like you have a bad case of the flu! So basically, this diet is full of untrue statements just to make it sound good. I don’t like being lied to, how about you?

Quick Weight Loss Diet #3: Medifast       Image result for Medifast diet non copyrighted

I love the pictures on this website because they use all the optical illusions out there to try to fool you into thinking that their “sample menu” is actually showing you a normal meal. Picture number one shows a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. You think, well a bowl of oatmeal has sticking power, I can go until the “mid-morning snack” on a bowl of oatmeal. Think again. First look closely at that bowl of oatmeal. See the spoon next to it? Compare the size of the bowl to the size of the spoon. Yes, your right! The bowl of oatmeal is only about a half a cup of oatmeal. Oh and the “mid-morning” smoothie snack” those are juice glasses (four ounces) my friend, not sixteen ounce tumblers.

Lunch equals another half cup sized portion of ziti with marinara sauce. Mid-afternoon snack is a bar, but not your average snack bar. Look closely at the peanut on the plate (teacup saucer). The bar is about two and a half inches long! They should call it a “bite” not a bar. Then they show you a “suggested dinner recipe”. It sounds good, but don’t forget the small print! It’s a serving for four people! I known it looks like it’s for one, but no, it’s for four people.

I am sorry to be so “tongue-in-cheek” but this is really funny to me the way they disguise everything just to fool people into buying their product. It is not funny though that so many people fall for it and spend their hard-earned money, possibly taking away from the family budget for groceries in the meantime.


So, are you beginning to see? There are a lot of diets out there that promote quick weight loss, but after you really look close, you can see the flaws in what they are pushing, I call them despicable deceptions.They prey on humans need to look good, feel good about themselves, and our total belief that there is a shortcut for everything. Well there are quick weight loss diets, but you won’t necessarily lose any weight on them. The truth is our bodies work a certain way, and if we are unhealthy, they may not even work the way they are supposed to anymore. Sometimes you just have to get healthy before you can lose any weight. More on that concept later.

I found the perfect way to diet, cleanse, and live a healthy lifestyle with just one product. I recommend the Total Wellness Cleanse to everyone who has stubborn weight to lose. There may be a reason your body is hanging onto those last pounds. The Total Wellness Diet will show you how to get healthy enough to lose that weight!

Image result for Total Wellness Cleanse




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4 thoughts on “Quick Weight Loss Diet

  1. Norman

    It is good to take care of our health because our health is one of our greatest investment. Being overweight has done so much damage to so many people health wise and many have paid the price of having poor health. It is good however to see that there are plans you are presenting that can help to shed those pounds.

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comment Norman, yes the price people pay is now a big one due to big Pharma running both the industry and the schools that educate our Doctors. They have quite the racket going.

  2. Rebecca

    Fantastic review of the quick weight loss diet. I like the way you presented your argument, its funny, but I agree with you totally on all those 3 diets. I was never tempted to splurge on any of those, I know they cost a lot. And somewhere in those beautiful presentation, I know there is a hidden agenda. And I was right. I thought then that these diets can’t really be that good. There has to be something in it that cannot be likable. Thank you for this wonderful review it just confirmed my thoughts.

    1. admin

      Yes Rebecca, always be wary if something sounds too good to be true! What gets me is people spend all that money, they expect that the meals are good for them, at least nutritious. But studies show that they are no better than most highly processed food you can purchase in the middle aisles or your grocery store, you know, the area they say not to shop in?   


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