Why Can’t I Lose Weight?-A question you have asked yourself?

By | May 3, 2018
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That’s the question of the year, am I right? “Why can’t I lose weight” is a question I can answer for you if you are really ready to get rid of the belly. Changing your well ingrained habits can be a daunting prospect for most people, but that’s why you came to my website, right? Changing your normal nutrition and food habits is going to be one of the hardest things you have ever done. How bad do you want to lose that extra fat? How bad do you want to be the same size you were in high school?

You need to make some big changes if you want this to work. Changing your eating habits around, getting the foods that are holding you back from you weight loss goals out of your house and not buying more, eating less, these are not puny goals! But these are the things you will need to do if you are going to win the race for weight loss. I don’t want you to ask “why can’t I lose weight?” again.

Changing Your Timing-When You Eat Is Important!

The goal here is to change when you are eating. We want to get breakfast later and later each morning. If you work, try to make it to your first break and scarf down what you have brought to eat then. The reason we do this is we don’t want to lower our calories and starve ourselves to lose weight, we want to feed our bodies well, but trick it a little with the timing. This allows you to not have to count calories.

At the same time, we want to make a hard and fast rule, no eating after dinner. I know, I know, this is one of the hard parts, and you may get hungry when you first start doing it. But as time goes by and you keep doing it, your body gets used to it and actually conforms very easily. It’s what your body really wants anyway. This time schedule gives your body a rest period to the digestive organs, AND allows your body to detox and get rid of all the junk and toxins from our environment. It can’t do that if all the energy is focused on digesting all the time! Those toxins are the reason why you cannot lose the weight. Your body is so toxic that it NEEDS those fat cells in which to put the toxins to get them out of your body’s working organs. By incorporating the change in timing for eating, and getting the right nutrition in your meals, you will create a whole new you.

Do You Love Your Liver?- You Better Take Care Of It.

If your fat cells disappear, your liver and other organs don’t have a “safe” place to store the toxins and get them out of the way. Yes, you do get rid of some toxins through the urine and poo, and also sweat. But I bet your not sweating much lately, are you? But most people, especially the overweight ones, have detoxing mechanisms that are not working well or properly There are tons of harmful chemicals released into our environment every day in our world, and our bodies were not made to handle that many or that much. They found something like two hundred and some different harmful chemicals in the cord blood of a newly born infant! What! They just got here and Mom has already loaded their tiny bodies down with a ton of toxins!

Your liver is one of the most important organs in your body. Three quarters of the population in the U.S. have some amount of fatty liver disease! That’s not good. Your liver does the following:

  • breaks down nutrients into smaller parts for easy assimilation and absorption by the body
  • acts as a storage site for many vitamins and minerals
  • is a major production site for many enzymes, hormones, and blood coagulation factors
  • Is critical in the metabolic process and removing toxins from your body

Think of your liver as your bodies “strong arm guy”, it says what stays and what goes. Your liver uses six different processes to perform these actions and by eating the correct foods with the needs of your body as a concern, you can help your liver do its needed job. Here’s a list of foods that will make you liver happy. They are just a partial list of the kinds of foods you should be eating in your diet to lose weight.

These foods contain supportive, nutritious help to all your organs and body, not just your liver. In fact milk thistle can even regenerate and restore already damaged liver cells!

Are You In For The Long-Haul?

This is not a short term fix, you probably have tried those “magic super fast” weight loss programs, and then gained it all back as soon as you went back to your old habits. There are a ton of those kinds of wishy washy weight loss programs out there. But if they don’t talk about changing your current habits, it is a waste of your money. There are some great programs out there, but very few of them. Please read the article on the page the highlighted link will take you for an in depth weight loss plan with “made for you” meal plans and recipes.

Detoxify to Lose The Weight-When Did You Do It Last?

When you eat a diet that is filled with things your body sees as toxic, especially if you have done it your whole life (remember Mom telling you to eat your vegetables?) your body can actually reach it’s toxic load (or overload). But your body is a gift, it can take care of all those toxins if you give it the supporting foods it needs to keep doing it. If you have never detoxed, you can unload your body in various ways like I mentioned before, and you can get ahead of it by using aninfrared sauna if it’s in the budget.

  • Your lungs expel gaseous wastes and Carbon Dioxide-hope your not smoking!
  • Your skin can expel toxins via your sweat.
  • Your kidneys is one of your major routes that toxins are gotten rid of.
  • Your intestines get rid of solid wastes and toxins through the feces.

It’s no secret anymore that our diet is full of toxic substances, added sugar (did you know chemically it’s as addictive as Cocaine?), chemicals are added to every processed foods and even most of the ones you think are unprocessed still contain preservatives and emulsifiers. It’s a scary world out there where the almighty dollar has more pull than our lives themselves. Take control of yours and stop eating the slop they try to sell to us as food!

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